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What's New

Jan 21 2018(Flamenco Guitar)

Bulerias Studies 1, 2nd Edition by Adam del Monte

This Bulerias Studies 1 - 2nd Edition (formerly Bulerias Package) focuses on a large set of intermediate-to-advanced level compas patterns that help cement the building blocks of understanding and executing the magical and hypnotic rhythm of Bulerias. There are many examples and variations to help keep you playing the Bulerias alive and spontaneously. All phrases are broken down and explained including the music score and the music tabs in downloadable PDF format. This series will definitely fire up your Bulerias playing, and will keep you busy for a long time.

November 12 2017(Flamenco Guitar)

Solea for Advanced Beginner - 2nd Edition

Published a new music sheet for the entire lesson in PDF format. This new music sheet fixes a number of errors that were brought to our attention, as well as the missing tabs in some sections of the earlier PDF. In addition, the accents and the counting of the compas are annotated for added clarity.

May 06 2017(Flamenco Guitar)

Granainas Studies by Adam del Monte

Flamenco guitar lesson, Granainas Studies by Adam del Monte

Granaina is a style very much evocative of the majestic landscape in Granada Spain. It is a form known to belong to the family of cante libre, meaning 'free song'. The free part refers to the fact that it is not a rhythmic flamenco style like Solea, Buleria, or Alegrias.

Granaina is rooted in the style of Fandango, a form that was at the height of its popularity in the 18th and 19th centuries. During this time different regions in the Andalucia created their own adaptation of Fandango, and this is when Granada gave birth to Granaina.

We are excited to introduce you to this Granainas Studies by maestro Adam del Monte. This study will take you on a journey where in the first two phrases you'll grasp the traditional structure and harmony-melody relationship of this flamenco style. The lesson then becomes more challenging technically, yet it breaks down the music as it moves along phrase by phrase. This Granainas is a rather lengthy composition in which the intermediate to advanced flamenco guitar student can learn and eventually perform as a complete piece.

May 09 2016(Flamenco Guitar)

Seguiriya for Intermediate by Adam del Monte

Flamenco guitar lesson, Seguiriya for Intermediate by Adam del Monte

Tragic and majestic, Seguiriyas is arguably the most mysterious and haunting style in flamenco. The cante (singing) of Seguiriyas is dramatic and filled with deep sorrow. The dancing is the darkest and perhaps the most powerful of all flamenco styles. Without fully grasping these fundamental phrases you won't be able to enjoy and develop it into the more progressive style in a near future.

This lesson builds on its precursor "Seguiriya for Advanced-Beginner". It breaks down in detail the traditional phrases selected for an intermediate flamenco guitarist while incorporating some original falsetas to get your technique to a higher level. In the final video clip maestro del Monte demonstrates one possible way of transforming the falsetas covered in this lesson into a small flamenco guitar piece.

June 26 2015(Flamenco Guitar)

Seguiriya for Advanced Beginner, 2nd Edition by Adam del Monte

Flamenco guitar lesson, Seguiriya for Advanced Beginner (2nd Edition) by Adam del Monte

Seguiriya is the most dramatic and tragic of all flamenco forms. Because of its depth and simplicity it is one of the most haunting and passionate styles and certainly one of the most interesting styles to play.

Seguiriya can be enjoyed in its simplest and purest form as well as a more sophisticated version of it. This lesson is fundamental, yet a more progressive step in the direction of mastering Seguiriya. You will get detailed breakdowns of the variety of rasgueados and remates that are typical of this style, as well as some timeless compas phrases and some original falsetas which are mostly based on the traditional form that are doable for an advanced-beginner to intermediate flamenco guitar player.

March 3 2015(Flamenco Guitar)

Solea for Intermediate, 2nd Edition by Adam del Monte

Flamenco guitar lesson, Solea for Intermediate (2nd Edition) by Adam del Monte

Solea for intermediate 2nd Edition is a perfect lesson for those of you who have studied the advanced-beginner level Solea while looking to further your understanding of this flamenco style beyond the basics. The material goes into the more subtle nuances of the right hand and shows how to capture the "aire" of the Solea with authentic mechanisms and dynamics.

This 2nd edition extends its earlier edition by about one full hour of more instructions. It introduces and breaks down three more falsetas, and covers variations of the traditional remate which you learned in the earlier advanced-beginner lessons.

The falsetas are more sophisticated. They include more complex rhythmic structures by introducing hammer-on and pull-off combinations in relation to the strong beats and weak beats within a phrase.

In this lesson we are introducing the picture-in-picture (PIP) video feature which presents a great angle of the right hand while having a clear view of the left hand on the fret board.

October 27 2013(Flamenco Guitar)

Picado Studies by Adam del Monte

Flamenco guitar lesson in Picado Studies by Adam del Monte

Developing speed, agility and accuracy in playing scales (Picado) is an essential part of being a great flamenco and classical guitar player.

This study is based on years of experience and investigation on how to improve the level of relaxation, speed and endurance in your hands while performing one of the most demanding and challenging techniques in playing flamenco and classical guitar. Super packed with many original exercises, this two-hour long study can help bring you to the next level of your flamenco journey, addressing one of the most desired goals; playing fast scales.

July 24 2013(Flamenco Guitar)

Re-encoded Rasgueado Package, 2nd Edition

Re-encoded the Rasgueado Package, 2nd Edition for full-screen video support

July 18 2013(Flamenco Guitar)

Re-encoded Tarantas Package

Re-encoded the Tarantas Package for full-screen video support

April 28 2013(Flamenco Guitar)

Solea for Advanced Beginner - 2nd Edition

Flamenco guitar lesson - Solea for Advanced Beginner

This 2nd edtion running 51 minutes long covers 3 falsetas and 2 variations which are taylored for an advanced-beginner flamenco guitar player. If you have already sgned up for the first edition of this lesson you will receive this second editon at no additional upgrde fee.

Feburary 21 2013(Flamenco Guitar)

Updates and corrections made to the music sheets for the following lessons:

  • Rasgueado Package (2nd Edition): Chords for Rumba pattern in clip 6 are added
  • Flamenco Guitar Techniques - Part 1: Correction made to the tabs in measures 87 and 88

Feburary 10 2013(Flamenco Guitar)

New clip in the Flamenco Beginner Package Part 1 covering the technique "Golpe"

Flamenco guitar lesson - right hand technique Glope

This new 8:42 minutes clip (clip 14) covers the right hand technique Golpe. It explores variations of this technique as they are used in flamenco guitar.

January 9 2013

Support for DISCOVER card and American Express purchases added to the site


June 17 2012 (Flamenco Guitar)

Flamenco Guitar Techniques - Part 1 & Part 2 by Adam del Monte

"Flamenco Guitar Techniques" is a comprehensive collection of exercises that will help flamenco and classical guitar players build solid right hand and left hand techniques. This in-depth study presents routines by which guitarists will build dexterity, fluidity, and confidence in playing.

Do you consider yourself an advanced beginner guitar player or have you already completed the Flamenco Beginner Package (Parts 1 & 2)? Have you been playing the guitar for a number of years, yet still seek ways to enhance your technique?

If you answered yes to any of the above questions, chances are that, despite your experience, you yearn to better your speed, accuracy, and dexterity. This five-hour long, two parts "Flamenco Guitar Techniques" is carefully designed to turn you into a more skillful player. It provides you with a series of targeted exercises and detailed video explanations by Adam del Monte, containing close-up shots and annotated music notations. In addition, each lesson supplies accompanying music sheets that you can instantly download.

Part 1 of "Flamenco Guitar Techniques" focuses on the right hand. It begins by quickly reviewing some fundamentals that were covered in "Flamenco Beginner Package", but gradually introduces the player to a series of right hand exercises including free strokes, rest strokes, thumb techniques, arpeggios, alzapúa, picados, and combinations of these various techniques.

Part 2 of "Flamenco Guitar Techniques" starts with the right hand tremolo exercises but mostly focuses on the left hand techniques. It offers you with plenty of exercises in Pull-offs, Hammer-ons, chord shifting with arpeggio, as well as Rumba pattern, bars, Tarantas slurs, combinations of left hand and right hand techniques, tremolo and some short falsetas in Soleá and Tango.

April 3 2011 (Flamenco Guitar)

Soleá por Bulerías Lesson by Adam del Monte

Flamenco guitar lesson in Soleá por Bulerías by Adam del Monte

Soleá por Bulerías is a form that is right in between Soleá and Bulerías. It's like a fast Soleá but in the key of A Phrygian, like the key of Bulerías.

This new study in Soleá por Bulerías is perfect for intermediate and advance flamenco guitar players as it covers a whole set of basic groove patterns broken down in details. Not only are the first few patterns and falsetas easy enough for intermediates, they are also fun and groovy for advance players. In addition, there are a few challenging patterns and falsetas that will give every player a lot to learn from. This new lesson will provide you with material that can be used as a performance piece.

December 18 2010 (Flamenco Guitar)

(Flamenco Beginner Package, 2nd Edition - Part 1 & Part 2)

This 2nd edition of the Flamenco Beginner Package in two parts totaling over 4 hours long is what you've been waiting for. More detailed explanations, revised and updated material, with everything broken down with music tabs and score. Our latest upgrade yet; annotated video clips, larger video frame, full screen feature and better audio and video qualities.

Part 1 of this comprehensive set covers fundamentals of flamenco guitar technique as well as some theory. A solid understanding and correct method of work that covers basic concepts for absolute beginners such as holding the guitar, posture, right hand and left hand techniques, rasgueados, exercises, basic music theory, scales and more.

Part 2 focuses on scales in more detail covering Phrygian scales, comprehensive flamenco scale, flamenco styles in Tango, Soleá and Alegria. It also includes lots of video annotation to give student visual reference on chords, fingers position on fret board, and rhythm.

October 22 2009 (Bass Guitar)

Launch of Bass Guitar Lessons by Larry Antonino

Video demo of Bass Guitar Lesson for Beginners by Larry Antonino

Bass Guitar Beginner Package: This special lesson is designed for the total beginner. If you want the perfect introduction to playing the bass, get some technique under your belt, learn how to play some bass lines , make it groovy, know how to read music and get some theory basics, this package is for you! With highly sought after bass player Larry Antonino, you will be walked through this package step by step with charm and smile.

June 1 2008 (Flamenco Guitar)

Rasgueados Package (2nd Edition)
This 2nd edition 85 minutes of intense streaming video is the lesson you’ve been waiting for. It is about 30 minutes longer than the first edition with much improvement in the video and audio quality and larger video frame. It includes 5 different types of Rasgueados plus an extra bonus of the modern Rumba pattern and how to do Alzapua, (that crazy wild thing we do with only the thumb that sounds like thunder). These are the ultimate tools and techniques you need to play and sound flamenco. Broken down like never before, this will catapult your flamenco technique to where it needs to be to play the hottest falsetas. Tabs and music score included to assist you with the licks and the excercises.

March 3 2008 (Flamenco Guitar)
Tarantas Package
This 2.5 hours Tarantas Package is an in depth course on the fundamental and traditional elements of this style. It has many examples of the typical "flavor licks" that is so characteristic of this very melismatic (vocal) style. There are also several falsetas that mount up to a whole composition and some are more progressive in nature; a perfectly playable piece for Intermediate-Advanced players. It includes one super cool thumb trick. This package is a perfect prelude to the next Tarantas Creative Package that follows it. Watch this sample video and login to your account to sign up.

July 4 2007 (Flamenco Guitar)
The Ultimate Bulerías Learning Package by Adam del Monte.
Rhythm, compas licks, improvisation, concepts and falseta all broken down and explained in detail like never before.
    This 2 hours long comprehensive Bulerías package will show you step by step the fundamentals, compas, traditional as well as more contemporary stylistic phrases in great detail. It consists of the three basic sections:
  1. Number of examples of groove licks and patterns and the respective variations.
  2. The falseta with a contemporary edge.
  3. The beginning feeds of understanding improvisation and composition in the style of Bulerías.

September 1 2006 (Flamenco Guitar)
Seguiriya I by Adam del Monte.
This 39 minutes video is a great lesson for guitarists learning Seguiriya for the first time. The compas is broken down and explained in terms you will understand. The basic phrases of the form are shown slowly and clearly, both mechanically and rhythmically. If you are into playing Seguiriya, this will jump start you with all the basic licks that will drill the compas into your system

August 2 2006 (Flamenco Guitar)
Tangos II by Adam del Monte.
This is a perfect falseta for an intermediate player. A lot of it is played with the thumb so you can get a lot of mileage from it and it’s not hard to execute once you know the notes. The melody is in the bass strings and has a Middle Eastern feel to it. There is a fair amount of syncopation which makes it a “groovy” falseta. As usual, everything is broken down and explained very slowly.

June 18 2006 (Flamenco Guitar)
“The Super Duper All You Can Strum Rasgueado Package.”
This almost one hour of intense streaming video is the lesson you’ve been waiting for. It includes 5 different types of Rasgueados plus an extra bonus of the modern Rumba pattern and how to do Alzapua, (that crazy wild thing we do with only the thumb that sounds like thunder). These are the ultimate tools and techniques you need to play and sound flamenco. Broken down like never before, this will catapult your flamenco technique to where it needs to be to play the hottest falsetas.

Feb 10 2006 (Flamenco Guitar)
Launch of Online Flamenco Guitar Lessons by Adam del Monte
Flamenco lessons by Adam del Monte added. These include a 2-hours long Flamenco Beginner Package that covers basic guitar techniques; right hand and left hand techniques, scales, theories and more. You will also find falsetas in Soleá, Alegria and Tangos for beginners in this package, . Additional falsetas in Soleá for beginner and intermediate students as well as falsetas in Tangos and Alegrias are also available.
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