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Terms and Conditions

Dear user, it is important that you have read and agreed to the following clauses before you sign up with New Learning Vision. Our main goal is to provide you with the best way of studying music online, protect members privacy and protect New Learning Vision Incorporated from misuse and abuse.
New Learning Vision does not share, give up or lease your information with other entities, companies, websites of any kind.
This web site is owned and operated by New Learning Vision Inc. No material in any shape or form may be copied, reproduced, transmitted, or distributed.
It is illegal to share your username and password with other members or other non-members at any given time, and it will result in termination of your membership without refund of your prior lesson purchases.
New Learning Vision may change the lesson prices without any prior notification to its members. This includes specials, discounts, and etc. Members will not be refunded for the price difference should the new price is less than that of the originally amount paid.
Memberships are valid for the lifetime of New Learning Vision website and under the current ownership. Should the company discontinue business or change ownership, the exisiting owner and management are under no obligation to refund the members for the purchased lessons. The current management is however obligated to inform the members 30 days prior to such ownership changes.
Members have unlimited and indefinite access to the lessons they have signed up for and for as long as they choose to keep their membership on newlearningvision.com.
New Learning Vison makes no guarantees of improving members' musical ability, by using the materials on this site.
New Learning Vision has made and continues to make every effort in order to have the website and the content accessible to its members and viewers at all time, it also makes every effort possible to backup and protect the site content and database against unexpected and technical errors and crashes. New Learning Vision, however, makes no guarantees and is not responsible for any disruptions of service, including (but not limited to) poor network connectivity, server errors, acts of nature, or inaccessibility due to site maintenance.
This site is provided on an "AS IS" basis and New Learning Vision disclaims all responsibility for any loss, liability, injury, claim, or damage of any kind resulting from any errors in this website and its content including, but not limited to, typographical and technical errors and inaccuracies. NewLearningVision.com disclaims all responsibility with regard to third party websites or their content, that might be accessed directly or indirectly through links in this site.
New Learning Vision is not responsible for lawsuits arising between its members and visitors, and affiliates of New Learning Vision.
New Learning Vision is not responsible for any physical pain, damage, or discomfort associated with the use of any materials on this site or the affiliated websites.
The content of this Terms of Use and Disclaimer may change in the future, however, New Learning Vision is obligated to inform its members of such changes 30 days prior to such changes taking effect.
New Learning Vision holds the right to terminate memberships if decided that the corresponding member has engaged in any illegal usage of the site, illegal downloading of the material or any misuse and abuse of any kind. This includes termination of such member's access to the lessons that have been purchased in the past.
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